Me and my boat

Skills and Abilities

  • Drafted and implemented an education and communication strategy targeting the larger University community, and emphasizing proper recycling methods and waste-reduction information.
  • Managed and maintained media relations with security trade journalists with the aim to create Securitron-related content.
  • Managed and updated multiple contact lists using existing assets, including Excel, Outlook, and other database programs
  • Researched, found, and contacted new reporters and media outlets interested in covering Securitron and KU Recycling.
  • Worked with media personnel to portray several companies in the best light.
  • Wrote and distributed press releases and industry articles for multiple organizations.
  • Updated websites at Securitron and the University of Kansas, adhering to strict graphic standards.
  • Generated and managed Media Guides and Press Packets at Securitron, assembled them at Callahan Creek.
  • Held position of graphic designer and unofficial graphic designer in several companies, including Securitron and the University of Kansas.
  • Created and distributed newsletters at both Securitron and the University of Kansas.
  • As Marketing Assistant, worked with in-house photographer at Securitron to ensure quality and continuity of shots, and maintained the database of images for ease of recovery when needed. Maintained a steady flow of images for use in social media and presentations at KU Recycling.
  • Worked with student employees to expand social media strategy at KU Recycling, tripling followers and boosting engagement and recognition throughout the University community.
  • Included media involvement in all event planning.
  • Experience in public speaking, and learned speaker training at most recent position with DEVENEY.
  • Avid sailing- and marine-health-news follower, even while in Kansas.

  • Proven ability to build and maintain positive relationships with a wide variety of individuals, most recently demonstrated at the University of Kansas during interactions with community members ranging from the Chancellor to librarians to electricians and plumbers.

  • Worked closely with multiple teams in the lead-up to ASSA ABLOY's involvement in the Volvo Ocean Race; including ASSA ABLOY Corporate employees, ASSA ABLOY Racing Team members, press, and hospitality providers.
  • Ensured KU Recycling's departmental goals aligned with the Chancellor's Sustainability Report goals while at the University of Kansas.

  • Managed up to two dozen college students, two full time employees, and a dozen part time employees in multiple industries.

  • Microsoft Office: Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Project, and Microsoft Excel
  • KUPPS purchasing software, Maximo work order tracking software, HR/Pay PeopleSoft software.
  • TrueView (view, plot, and publish authentic DWG and DWF files).
  • Photoshop, Illustrator, PageMaker and Adobe Creative Suite, including InDesign.
  • DreamWeaver, Drupal, Front Page, and hand-coding HTML.
  • Mac programs including Excel and QuickBooks.
  • Creative project management software, including Workamajig and OptiGold.
  • Flash, Microsoft Movie Maker, and experience with audio engineering software.
  • In skill testing, qualified as a "Master User" in both Word and Excel, "Excellent" in proofreading, and scored 9000 in data entry, where the average is 4000.
  • Typing speed over 70 wpm.
  • Proficient with social networking sites including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, both on a personal and professional level.


JAN. 2017-JUNE 2017
  • Acted as a point of contact for internal and external meeting requests.
  • Acted as liaison between clients/guests and the company.
  • Answered main company phone line.
  • Assisted in organization of companywide file systems.
  • Assisted in development and implementation of new processes and procedures to streamline office.
  • Assisted in the basic training of internal staff as it pertained to technology systems (e.g. computers, phones. files system, Workamajig, A/V, alarm, etc.)
  • Assisted with maintaining President's and other's relationships through correspondence.
  • Assisted with providing support when individual staff members were experiencing technology challenges and when there were issues impacting the entire company.
  • Assumed the basic responsibilities of the Office Coordinator when out.
  • Composed and sent email on President's and other's behalf to a variety of audiences.
  • Controlled the President's inbox to ensure all email was categorized with appropriate follow up when needed.
  • Coordinated the planning and execution of meetings, parties and events through research, strategic planning, vendor research, relationship building, shopping for required supplies and setup/takedown/clean-up.
  • Coordinated the President's calendar.
  • Forecasted and initiated changes/revisions when needed.
  • Greeted guests.
  • Updated Executive Assistant Protocols and Procedures manual.
  • Worked with CFO to simplify employee review process by generating review surveys through Survey Monkey.
  • Initiated, organized and booked travel for best rate through use of forms and protocol.
  • Maintained company contact database.
  • Managed company, client and VIP life events/milestones, and notified the appropriate individuals.
  • Managed files and task lists related to President and Company's involvement in organizations and boards.
  • Notified company of any external alerts that may have affected work.
  • Utilized open lines of communication with President for proactive approach to maintaining email.
  • Utilized proactive approach to calendar adjustments ensuring comprehensive communication as needed.
  • Utilized experience and skillset to help mentor, guide, direct and otherwise assist in professional development of staff through general communication and interaction, as well as highlighted issues/concerns as they arose.
  • Utilized Outlook's functions to effectively and efficiently categorize, file, and organize emails and appointments.
  • Utilized Outlook's functions to effectively and efficiently schedule appointments while ensuring good workflow.
OCT. 2012-DEC. 2016
  • Through increased efficiency and productivity, broadened position job description through assuming the duties of a departing colleague, thus saving the University over $30,000 annually.
  • Supported two Assistant Directors in the largest department on campus.
  • Served as first zone contact for building occupants, including building managers, researchers, faculty, staff, and students.
  • Dispatched and oversaw job scheduling, and monitored job expenses.
  • Assisted with payroll through HR/Pay.
  • Managed supplies and equipment through KUPPS and Maximo, and worked with the Shared Service Center to make sure vendors were paid in a timely manner.
  • Administered portal site using Drupal.
  • Wrote and presented training for KU's mobile work order application, as well as basic mobile device training throughout the department, and worked with KUIT to design basic computer training classes to FS employees.
DEC. 2010-FEB. 2013
  • Facilitated the gathering, sorting, baling, and reselling of over 80,000 pounds of recyclable material per month.
  • Developed a detailed database of material collected, expenses, and other recycling data, for use on-campus as well as for national assessment and rating.
  • Designed and implemented marketing and education strategies targeting the University community, and emphasizing proper recycling methods and waste-reduction information.
  • Directed up to twenty-four student employees and two full time employees.
  • Maintained a fleet of trucks as well as machinery in the on-campus Materials Recycling Facility (MRF).
  • Recruited, hired, trained, scheduled, disciplined, and terminated employees.
SEPT. 2007-SEPT. 2010
  • Developed a new tracking system to more efficiently manage open jobs, thereby reducing the amount of time needed to find required material and information by roughly two thirds.
  • Tracked and monitored the budgets for up to two hundred open jobs.
  • Managed the calendars for, and assisted the President of Callahan Creek as well as a 9-member team of account service personnel working for the company's largest client.
SEPT. 2005-SEPT. 2007
  • Managed the calendar for, and assisted the Director of the Higuchi Biosciences Center.
  • Produced the HBC Newsletter.
  • Planned and executed events such as Science Talks, guest lectures, and awards ceremonies.
  • Expanded original position to include working with a multi-national group of students and researchers to develop materials for presentation, including scientific posters, abstracts, and reports.
  • Broadened position job description through maintaining and operating all audio-visual equipment, including setting up multi-connection video calls between Regent's schools.
MAR. 2001-MAY 2005
  • Developed marketing strategy for new product releases and established product lines, and managed the marketing budget, which included costs for packaging, advertising, designing and web presence.
  • Negotiated cost and media placement in trade publications, newspapers and on websites.
  • Wrote articles for distribution in industry journals.
  • Developed and enforced graphic identity standards and acceptable use guidelines.
  • Developed all print and web advertising, product packaging, and designed and supervised the production of catalogs and instructional CD's for both internal and external use.
  • Developed training presentations for in-house, in-group, and client use, to teach proper installation and use of access hardware.
  • Assisted the ASSA ABLOY Racing Team in arranging all group activities in North America for the 2001-2002 Volvo Ocean Race.
  • Coordinated travel schedules, hotel rooms, meeting rooms and times, and meals and activities in Miami and in Baltimore for over 300 group employees and guests from around the world.
  • Prepared for and staffed trade shows. This included negotiating booth rates and placement, designing booth graphics and giveaways, and packing and shipping the booth itself.